She Dreams of Flying

Birds  of the last three days: Bird, or bat, or winged creature of the nighttime who was imprisoned, and tried to escape, from her bedroom and closet and hall, and from which – cowed by recent and ominous tales of bat attacks – she hid under her blankets. Cardinals in Velta’s back yard who alight … Continue reading She Dreams of Flying

The Seams of Rippage

You and your sister Oatie are learning how to sew in 4-H. Mrs. N  has you stationed upstairs in her home, known as the Cleveland House, because Grover Cleveland lived there for a year, or a month, or possibly a day or so, when he was a little boy. What are you sewing? You are … Continue reading The Seams of Rippage

Pick a Photo, any Photo

Pick a photo, any photo. The rule: it has to come from the vast file of hundreds upon hundreds that go only by number and not name.  The moving finger circles, and having circled, descends upon photo #03-slides-33. And who have we here? Why, I do believe it is little Oatie. Was your nickname already … Continue reading Pick a Photo, any Photo

? and ? and ?

Why does your dog immediately do the downward dog every time he sees you pick up his leash? Why do so many people prefer their beverages icy cold? Why do you prefer yours room temperature? Is spontaneous combustion for real? Why are you so afraid to do a headstand? How did that magician in New … Continue reading ? and ? and ?

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns She tried to grow them but they wouldn’t. She read the cautionary words – they’ll take over spread like wildfire run for your life poison will be necessary in the end – but in the end nothing was necessary. In her garden they refused to grow. Like other things she feared her craving … Continue reading Chinese Lanterns

Chops Tick speaks out

If Chops Tick had a Facebook page and decided to join the rest of the Facebook world and write a 25 Random Things About Chops Tick list, this is what that list might look like. 1. I can be made of many materials, including plastic, jade, wood and ceramic. 2. I am sometimes connected by … Continue reading Chops Tick speaks out

The green bowl

Once, a Redwing pottery mixing bowl was given to a young woman by an older woman she loved, respected and feared. At first the young woman didn’t much care for the bowl; it was thick, uneven, hairline cracks here and there. This was a long time ago, when the young woman didn’t appreciate thickness and … Continue reading The green bowl