Day Twenty-Seven: We enter an unfamiliar world

4 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Seven: We enter an unfamiliar world”

  1. Karen, I think it was a one-and-done kind of thing. (Even the youthful companions were a little overwhelmed.) I wish you could order and have it delivered!


  2. Did I ever tell you about the day I spent rocking baby Charlotte in a carriage whilst Michael and Holly shopped Ikea? Not good. We had driven over there from Manhattan with Charlotte and moi sitting on the floor of our van. Not buckled in. She in a carriage seat. Need I say more? I guessed Ikea immediately ………(:


  3. now that is the most hilarious description of ikea i’ve ever read. not that i’ve ever read another one. but if anyone has written one, it wasn’t as funny.

    the last two times i went, the company i found myself in made the experience rather hellish. so i haven’t been in a long time. i think a person needs to have all their reserves at the ready to make it through such a place. you can’t be trying to endure needy and/or obnoxious people at the same time. it’s just too much.

    also, i seriously wonder if people only bring their children to the play place when they’re shopping. am i the only person who has ever thought, “hey, when my kid gets old enough i am totally going to drop him off and go read a book over a plate of swedish meatballs.”? i won’t say that i would really do it, but i also won’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind…


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