Day Twenty-Five, in which we fulfill a long-held dream.

9 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Five, in which we fulfill a long-held dream.”

  1. That looks so tasty. We have recently started adding rhubarb bitters to almost everything (including soda water). I hadn’t thought of a rhubarb simple syrup. I like it.


  2. Listen, you didn’t say how much of each thing you put in! How is a girl supposed to recreate it? Also, what about a name for this cocktail? Something like the Detective McGhee. Or the Knuckleduster. Or the Overbite Underbite. Let’s really work on this.


  3. Thanks, all.

    Anno and Laura, I just read some of your blogs. They’re great! Thank you. I shall return.

    Nicole, fussy, fussy, aren’t you? Try 1 oz. of gin, 1 oz. of the syrup, and tonic to taste. Also, in retrospect, it might be a little sweet. I might go for club soda the next time I make it. As for your name suggestions, they’re all So Much Better than mine. (I kind of like the Overbite Underbite, but why do I?)


  4. Hmmm… maybe The McGheever?
    No. Definitely not.
    The Overbite Underbite it must be.

    Thanks for stopping by, but I’m not really blogging any more. Just another composition teacher returning to the CC classroom this fall, looking for materials that might inspire my what-I’ve-been-told-are reluctant writers. The Lisel Mueller poem first caught my attention, but the wonderful narrative of Laura Kasischke’s poem has even stronger possibilities, especially for this group.

    So. I came for the poems, but I’m loving this 30-day challenge of yours. If you’re wondering what to do with your leftover gin, this lemon-thyme gin sparkler from the author of 101 Cookbooks is worth trying:


  5. Anno, thanks for Heidi’s sparkler recipe – I like her blog a lot but I don’t remember reading this one.

    As for poems, do you know the Favorite Poem project? I love the whole idea behind it, and watching the videos and hearing/seeing people recite their favorite poems (and give the stories behind why they love them) is always interesting and sometimes heartbreakingly beautiful. It’s free, too. My students have really liked this.

    There’s a text I like a lot too: Very approachable, with good examples and lots of great exercises.

    For what it’s worth!


  6. I’m fond of the Overbite Underbite, too, but also you could name it Elmore’s Goggles. Or the Stone Cold Smuggler’s Cove. Or the Arms Akimbo. Really, anything that seven seconds’ thought can come up with. And I have a *lot* of sets of seven seconds available, if they are needed.


  7. Oh, I can vouch for the gin sparklers from 101 Cookbooks as being awesome. As is rosemary simple syrup in many drinks.

    I love making simple syrups, I have bitters and I want to get some gin. So, I am soon going to be making this signature cocktail of yours! Sounds delightful 🙂


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