Day Twenty-Eight: Ashamed to admit it

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Eight: Ashamed to admit it”

  1. Interesting post. My radar went up recently too….I was running on one of the trails near my house which is almost always busy – except on this occasion. And off I went – and I ran by a man sitting on a log having a smoke – and maybe it was the way he looked at me – or maybe he caught me off guard because I was entirely alone and I suddenly felt vulnerable. So I picked up my piece, removed my ear buds so I could hear and ran to a nearby field and called Dave and asked him to meet me. I’ve never done that before. But my instincts were on high alert. I think you just have to trust yourself for whatever the reasons are.


  2. First off, I can’t hula hoop. Not even if it was to save my life. I’ve decided this is OK for me, so I think it is OK for you too 🙂

    Next, you know, sometimes people just instinctually creep us out. I am with you on the “wear whatever you want! Be whom you want to be!” but she obviously had something about her that made you uncomfortable. I typically don’t do things like walk the other direction, but if someone is giving me the creeps, I am not above it. I go with my instincts. So yes, always trust yourself!


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