Words by Winter podcast


Welcome to my new podcast, Words by Winter!

Words by Winter: Conversations, reflections, and poems about the passages of life. Because it’s rough out there, and we have to help each other through. Each brief episode includes a story or conversation, along with a poem. Words by Winter can be found anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

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I’d love to hear from listeners what you’re going through, what uncertainties or troubles you’re dealing with, maybe in the silence of your own mind and heart. Let me know, and I’ll go in search of a poem to help you through, one that might help all of us through, in the way that poems have been helping me get through life ever since I was a little girl. Sometimes life feels too hard, too intense, just too much, and if that’s where you are right now, reach out. 

Whoever you are, whatever age, whatever place in life, you can send a voice memo via email to wordsbywinterpodcast@gmail.com, or write me at the same address.

Words by Winter credits

Creator and host and everything elser: Me. Theme music composed and performed by Dylan Perese, on Instagram @dylan.field.perese. Additional music composed and performed by Kelly Krebs, who can be reached at kellykrebsmusic@gmail.com and soundcloud.com/kellykrebs. Poems read by writer and voice artist Luke O’Brien, who can be reached via email. Artwork by Mark Garry. Additional occasional readings performed by Matthew Colfax and Devon O’Brien. Copyright permission has been granted for all poems used in this podcast with the exception of those already in the public domain.