Day Twenty-Four: Hermit crab envy

6 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four: Hermit crab envy”

  1. Oh dear. Now you’ve given me a new obsession in I, too, get that get-me-out-of-here feeling, but seldom can give into it.

    I anagram my characters’ names. I don’t know it that’ll ever make it into a book someday, but it’s there in my head. Fun stuff to look forward to when you realize you’ve reduced your manuscript by three pages and all you’ve done is take out the word “just” over and over again. Three pages worth of “just”? Sheesh.


  2. Ginger and Karen, I feel your pain. It’s all I can sometimes to shut down the internet and get actual things done.

    As for three pages of “just,” it seems sadly and entirely possible to me. . .


  3. I love the anagram site so much – I like being Clunky Tempo, or even better Pluck Me Tony, whereas my dear husband is quite reborn as Mash Me Knopknot!


  4. so we came back from a two-week, couple thousand mile roadtrip late saturday night, and approximately 16 hours later i turn to my husband and say with a sigh, “honey, here’s the problem.” he looks at me and says, “oh no, you’re already trying to figure out the next time we can get out of here, aren’t you?”

    how well people get to know each other over the years.

    especially since that wasn’t actually what i was going to say, but it was certainly on my mind.

    if you start a support group for kayak syndrome sufferers, count “azure am doing i” in. except i’d sneak off to the bathroom and swap info on the best deals.


  5. I too suffer from “OH MY GOD I NEED TO GO” syndrome (although as of late, I am more like, let’s stay put for a while please). is great for wanderlust. I have planned about 50 times as many vacation as I’ve actually taken.

    I think I might take a note from your book and when I am stuck at home for a while change my name! that’s fun. I like it.


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