New Books

It’s May, and spring – sort of – in Minneapolis. Is it spring yet in other places? This has been the year of the endless winter, here in the north country, where it kept snowing right up until the end of April, and the screen windows just went on three days ago, at least in … Continue reading New Books

I Love Photo Books

I love books of all kinds and always have, going back to kindergarten, when I would sit in the book corner (once I brought a frog to school and he (she? how do you tell with a frog?) got loose and leapt nimbly from shelf to shelf) and open up the big new picture books … Continue reading I Love Photo Books

I'll See You in Heaven

I’m spending the day going through the ratpile that is my office. It stands in marked contrast to the orderly rest of the house. A psychologist would probably find this marked contrast interesting, but we won’t go there. In the many piles of papers and books are journals from the few years I kept one, … Continue reading I'll See You in Heaven

A few of the things that are difficult when you live in a place where it's -11 degrees at 9:25 a.m.

That your nose hairs freeze the second you walk outside. That you cough uncontrollably the second you walk outside. That your booted, double-socked toes are continually stubbed as you kick repeatedly at frozen dog turds while on poop patrol. That you have to hunch down to the level of the steering wheel in order to … Continue reading A few of the things that are difficult when you live in a place where it's -11 degrees at 9:25 a.m.

Sleepwalker, a poem

A child enters my room sometime after midnight. I know it’s my son by the silhouette of his cheek, his spiky, sleep-tossed hair. I say his name. He doesn’t answer. I call his name again and again, he does not answer. It is my boy, isn’t it? Or have I transformed a masked stranger into … Continue reading Sleepwalker, a poem

January 2007

Once There Was Once there was a childhood full of space. Long stretches of stillness. A deep sense not of loneliness but alone-ness. This was in far upstate New York, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. There were three little girls, sisters who dressed up for Easter, and for the first day of school, … Continue reading January 2007