A few of the long-standing rituals without which I fear I might float away: A daily to-do list, made each morning at dawn and returned to throughout the day, only three of which, in twenty-five years and to the best of my recollection, have ever been crossed out in their entirety. Picturing each of my … Continue reading Rituals

October garden

Oh, my garden, must I say goodbye to you? This is the time of year when I begin my countdown to December 21, when we will have made it through the darkest days of the year, and the sun will begin adding minutes to the day. I’m one of those who knows to the second … Continue reading October garden

Seen this morning at the Annunciation School's $2/Bag Rummage Sale

1.”Is everything really $2/bag?” “Yes. It’s Bag Day. Except for the clothes from the Finer Boutique.” “How much are the clothes from the Finer Boutique?” “$5/bag.” 2. An elderly man pulling one carefully folded men’s T-shirt after another from the bottom of a stack, shaking it out, staring at it, and tossing it to the … Continue reading Seen this morning at the Annunciation School's $2/Bag Rummage Sale

Looking for a Home

I came out of my house yesterday with two dogs and a big “For Rent” sign. The dogs, knowing they were on their way to the dog park, streaked to the car and jumped and panted at the backseat door. I opened the door and they leaped in, wild to get going. (Is there anything … Continue reading Looking for a Home