Slow, like it used to be

7 thoughts on “Slow, like it used to be”

  1. i have saved my dear departed grandma’s double boiler lo these many years, thinking for some reason that a person should have a double boiler. a grown-up person, which i somehow accidentally became, a person who must provide meals for her family that seats themselves at the oak dining room table, mouths upturned like those awaiting the poor bedraggled robin who lives in our yard and flits so industriously back to her nest, bearing sustenance.

    however, despite good intentions, never did i make custards, puddings, or any delicate slow thing. no time for slow! go go go!

    but this rumor of oatmeal changes everything. of the few things worth taking time for in this world, good oatmeal would be one of them. it just so happens that i have a canister of whole oats in my cupboard (behind the instant), the kind that takes half an hour to cook, and which i treat myself to when it’s one of those days, the kind of day that needs a steaming hot, sweet, milky bowl of thick creamy oatmeal.

    and so i shall proceed to finally avail myself of grandma’s double boiler, it’s non-pyrexness notwithstanding. my baby may not have the lincoln del, but mommy will make him oatmeal memories at home, thanks to alison.


  2. i love this, oreo. now it’s on to the crockpot. o, the crockpot. i can sing its praises for hours on end, say, eight or nine, which is about as long as it takes for a perfect crockpot meal to cook itself into being.


  3. jenn – matzo ball soup? YUM! fishman’s deli, close to the site of the dearly departed del, makes great matzo ball soup. truly great. ready by 11 a.m., usually, but don’t wait too long because it sells out fast.


  4. ah, we shall make a lovely duo, singing our duet in praise to the crockpot. i have two (a duo in their own right), which i sometimes use at the same time when i cannot decide which wondrous crockpot meal to cook.


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