Happy in the Same Way

7 thoughts on “Happy in the Same Way”

  1. Let’s start a club, and only people who believe wholeheartedly in every sentence of the first three paragraphs can join. Then we’ll have someone to call and say, my daughter threw in a dark with the lights (not whites, mind you, but the lights) after I started the wash! And the person on the other line will gasp with an appropriate degree of horror. And we’ll have club meetings where the hostess leaves a humongous pile of towels in the middle of the living room that we fold while chatting, perhaps even some thick quilts that require that peculiar two-person dance to do just right. And no guest will ever surreptitiously run a finger down the buffet to see if she’s dusted, and in fact all will hope that she has not wasted her precious life on something so obnoxious.

    And just when I thought my mother-envy could run no deeper, you say she still does your laundry. Good lord, I’ve been doing my own laundry since kindergarten. Your mother is just too sweet.


  2. What a lovely post. I allowed myself to drift into the quiet business of those activities, the rewarding pile of towels heaped high, the return home, the photos drifting across the page. Had her mother scanned all those old photos into her computer? Had “she” done it for her mother. The old “New Room,” the diner conversation. All of it feeling so soothing and quietly humorous yet tenderly sad.


  3. Gorgeous. I laughed out loud at the bit about folding the towels first. I always do that, but I never realized why. Thank you.


  4. The towels are my saving grace on many days. If I can glance over at a giant stack of yellow and green towels, not everything can be lost, right? A giant stack of towels is a lot of bang for the buck.

    And “her” mother scanned all those photos in herself. Her mother is not only good at computer solitaire, she’s good at computers. And many other things, including flamenco dancing.


  5. For me, it is about neatly folding my boys’ tshirts, shorts, underwear etc. and matching their socks. It feels like the one way I can do something for them and take care of them without argument. Since I am usually folding laundry at night, it also gives me the illusion of having some control and making order out of a chaotic household.

    Also, I must add that I am not a laundry racist…it all goes in together and seems to come out ok.

    Allyson, your account of your visit is truly lovely.



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