"One a week is entertainment," the wise man said, "but two? That's gambling."

8 thoughts on “"One a week is entertainment," the wise man said, "but two? That's gambling."”

  1. Thank god I’m not the only person who has actually worried about the fact that they’re going to have to accept that big cardboard check on t.v. when they win.


  2. My spouse hates the Lottery. I enjoy an occasional purchase, and the dream has become not spending the money but rather facing the cameras to answer to question of what you will do now. My answer would be keep farming until the money is gone. And I think that is what Cheryl dislikes most about the lottery.


  3. Dave, I have to say that Cheryl has a point. Farming is a dream of wonderfulness in and of itself, but how about one tiny little non-farming dream? Just one.


  4. Lucy, the cowboy shirts and handmade Italian shoes are not altruistic, are they? Unless there’s such a thing as self-altruism. Not to mention the houseboat, the little apartment on Columbus Circle, and the Airstream. And the live-in treehouse! I left out the live-in treehouse!


  5. Oreo, I’d pay you large sums of money if you got up there on t.v. and pretended to be me accepting the check. LARGE sums of money. Think about it.


  6. i would think about it. i would spend all night tossing and turning, bemoning the fact that my phobia of public speaking or public-anything is going to cost me large sums of money. i would moan and tear at my hair, wondering just how large is LARGE when it’s offered by a woman not wont to use all capitals. i would, i would, had i need of one more thing to worry about or had i not a rather concrete idea that they don’t allow that sort of thing. awarding the check to a impersonator and all that.

    i have a better idea: let’s move to north dakota or delaware. those are the two states that allow the winner to remain unnamed. now you know how very sick i am, that i actually checked that out.


  7. This post makes me smile.

    First, I relate to the spouse who refuses to participate. He swears he would not accept a million dollar prize if the conditions included being photographed or filmed holding the big check. I would love to call his bluff.

    I dont think we’ll have to worry about it though. In the 20 years we’ve been married, we’ve bought about three lottery tickets a year and never. matched. one. number.

    I kid you not. Not one number.

    You could trust me with big money. I promise. Try me. I beg you, lottery gods. Try me.


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