First Music: Electric Light Orchestra + Jerry Jeff Walker

6 thoughts on “First Music: Electric Light Orchestra + Jerry Jeff Walker”

  1. Me too, me too for Out of the Blue! With my best mates, (who also blog, oddly enough, at The Phoenix and Twisted Rib) we had a passion for that album the last summer we were all at school together, when we were sixteen. We went to see them at Wembley Stadium, and came back high as kites, just on the music, and youth, and love. I screamed for Sweet is the Night until I was hoarse, because it was the track I loved most of all too, but they didn’t play it. They did play ‘Sweet Talking Woman’ because we shouted for it, though, or at least seemed to change the order. I too still hear some of the tracks, and they played ‘Mr Blue Sky’ at the London Olympics closing ceremony, but I’ve not heard ‘Sweet is the Night’ since I was a teenager. I think I must seek it out…

    Thanks so much for the reminder!


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