First Music: Michael Jackson, BAD

What was the first music you remember buying?

Michael Jackson, BAD. I was seven when it came out. I cannot tell you how I got the money, or where I bought it, but I know it was the first cassette tape I owned.

What do you remember most about that particular tape?

A few months after getting the cassette tape, I burned myself terribly with hot chocolate. It was so bad that I had to go to the hospital a few times a week to get the dead skin peeled. The doctors would Velcro me to a table and peel.

I would only let them do it if I had a tape player and BAD. One day during the session, the tape broke, so I made them stop until my mom got me a new tape.

This sounds horrible.

That peeling was the pits. But Michael made it bearable.

(Carrie Thompson, Minneapolis)

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