“What I Leave Behind,” a novel

3 thoughts on ““What I Leave Behind,” a novel”

  1. I’m eager to get my hands on this one!
    I once had a teen reader take All Rivers Flow to the Sea out of my library and refuse to bring it back. “I just can’t,” she told me. So I brought my own copy from home and replaced the one she kept. Who could argue with that kind of passion? And your books do make us feel so strongly. Thank you for that.

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    1. Jane, thank you for these kind words. I’m so touched by the story of your student who refused to return the book. (I will give you a new one!) You’re the best.


  2. Dearest darling Yoda,

    It is my hope and intent to get to your appearance tomorrow night at the Red Balloon, since you are breezing through on what looks like a whirlwind tour….I’m *so *delighted to hear you have a new book out, you prolific bitch (oops….sorry that just slipped out 😂) and can’t wait to read it. There will probably be a bunch of your wee fledglings there, I guess, should be FUN!

    See you there!



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