Pablo and Birdy

McGhee’s tender tale of the search for home, belonging, and identity smoothly incorporates elements of magical realism and powerful allusions to the refugee experience. Publisher’s Weekly, starred review. A quiet, memorable, fantastical tale beautifully complemented by Juan’s illustrations. Kirkus, starred review. Friends and future friends, please welcome Pablo and Birdy, my brand-new novel for children and anyone who … Continue reading Pablo and Birdy

Free Donut Holes!

Free donut holes, my friends, free donut holes! Available at the Red Balloon Bookshop on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, tomorrow morning (August. 10) at 10:30, when I’ll be reading that new little book over to there to the left. “The Case of the Missing Donut.” Stop by and say hi if you’re in town. … Continue reading Free Donut Holes!