New one-day creative writing workshops!

Dear writers,
If any of these three new June workshops look interesting to you, please join us. I’d love to see you there. All workshops are taught in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Friday, June 8: Manuscript Feedback: Picture Books 

Location: Uptown’s Community Gathering Space, 36th & Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis
Time: 12-4 pm
Cost: $100, payable via personal check or this Paypal link.

Do you have a picture book manuscript that you need feedback on? Welcome to my one-day picture book manuscript feedback class! We’ll begin by going over the basics of picture book writing, then move on to individual feedback. Each participant is welcome to bring a picture book manuscript to distribute to the class. We’ll read each out loud, make notes, and then talk about the story. Where is its inherent power? Are there ways to make it stronger? 

The class is​ designed for picture book writers of all abilities, experience levels and subject matter – so I forbid you to worry or feel inadequate. Note also that even if you don’t have a current manuscript in hand, you are welcome to attend, because the class will provide lots of useful information for your future drafts. Enrollment is limited to 12.


Friday, June 15: The Transformation of Trauma

Location: Uptown’s Community Gathering Space, 36th & Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis
Time: 2-4 pm.
Cost: FREE, but registration is required. Send me an email at to add your name to the list.

Are you haunted by the memory of trauma? Maybe someone sexually assaulted you, or abused you over a long period of time. Maybe you’re having a hard time going on after the loss of someone you loved. Maybe as a child, or adult, you struggled through domestic violence or emotional manipulation. If your life is compromised by these memories, and you’re looking for a way to work through them and find a happier and more peaceful life, welcome to this workshop. The making of art, in all its many and varied forms, can be a profound way to make sense of past experiences that were unfair, unwanted, and cruel. We’ll do some brief writings, read and discuss a few short readings, and hopefully find ways to unlock your own power. This class is designed for people of any writing ability or experience – all are welcome. Enrollment is limited to 10.


Thursday, June 21: Creative Writing Kickstart 

Location: Uptown’s Community Gathering Space, 36th & Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis
Time: 5:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $75, payable via personal check or this Paypal link.

Have you always wanted to write but aren’t sure how to begin? Or, are you a writer in need of an energy boost and a fresh start? This three-hour intensive Kickstart workshop will recharge your writing energy and help you develop a regular writing practice. We’ll do several brief writings and talk about various aspects of craft and process –maybe language, maybe flow, maybe dialogue, maybe tense and point of view, maybe some other things– in terms of what makes great writing great. 

The class is designed for writers of all abilities, experience levels and genres – so I forbid you to worry if you’ve never written before! Whether you’re a longtime writer in need of a boost or someone who’s always had an interest in writing but never known how to sit down and get started, the class is designed for you. 

Bonus: Weekly writing prompts will be emailed to you for one month following the end of class. Enrollment is limited to 15.


  1. Kathy Wilking · May 12, 2018

    Would like to register for trauma workshop.
    My husband had brain aneurysm with 1% chance of survival.
    He survived, a miracle, and I’m the caregiver.
    How do I register??


  2. Kathryn Wilking · May 12, 2018

    How do i sign uo for trauma workshop??? Thanks!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  3. alisonmcghee · May 12, 2018

    Hi Kathryn, you are registered as of right now. I’ll add an email link to the post. Thanks!


    • Kathy Wilking · May 12, 2018

      Oh, thanks so much!!


  4. alisonmcghee · May 12, 2018

    PS. Send me a quick email to Thanks!


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