If you travel to the southern wild

4 thoughts on “If you travel to the southern wild”

  1. Love this.

    I had never heard of sweet tea until I moved to the state I live in. I think it is the same as iced tea, but people here gave me blank looks when I asked…)


  2. Most of us take pictures of what we see when we travel (and plaster them over the internet). I’ll take your gorgeous verbal snapshots any day. Images just as vivid, but I think they’ll stay with me longer.

    Makes me want to travel to that part of the country – and maybe practice some verbal snapshots of my own. Thank you!


  3. Karen, it’s ice tea for sure, but soooo sweet. And you have to pronounce it with the emphasis on the Sweet, as in SWEET tea. Same in MO?

    Denise, thank you! I am the worst camera person in the world, but I love my cell phone for the sole reason that, because it has a built-in camera, I now have some visual records of my life. Come to the Panhandle sometimes. . . it’s magic.

    Nicole, you *should* be hungry, especially because you know this part of the world well. (Paul Gant’s BBQ in the little trailer just before the Mexico Beach bridge: best bbq in the world.)


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