Poem of the Week, by Billy Collins

2 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Billy Collins”

  1. Only I would do something like this while vacationing in Aruba: Call one of the funeral homes on the island and ask for a tour. The one I called was named Mementomori. The owner, in his Harley Davidson tee-shirt (almost identical to the one his mom, the other owner, was wearing), explained to me, “It means, ‘Remember: you are gonna die.'” And while the Aruban accent is tough to describe, let’s just say that, in my memory, there was just a hint of Roseanne Roseannadana to it.

    When I used to vacation with my parents, my dad would always tell my brother and me to “soak it up.” Well, Dad, and because I did so in Aruba, I know what Billy Collins’ poem is about before the first stanza.


  2. delightful nursery rhyme image of the lamp waddling, dragging its cord. interesting in a poem that is not about a cheery subject.


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