"Give freely of what you find"

4 thoughts on “"Give freely of what you find"”

  1. Great piece Alison. I love someone very much who is what I sometimes call ‘a crazy alcoholic’ – crazy as in she takes herself to the brink of death and back and then stands up, shakes it off and starts her ordinary/extraordinary life again. I used to be so angry until I met someone who helped me understand how painful her life is – how ashamed she is – and the anger I felt turned into something else. Because I don’t have to live that way. I have other things but I don’t have to live that way. So I just try and love her as much as I again and I tell her how much I believe she can find her way again and again. And as you say so beautifully in this story – she is an ordinary woman with an ordinary life that lives with this terrible pain. Thank you for sharing this story. Tess


  2. “What would it be like, to look at everyone, the known and the unknown, carefully, and listen with your whole heart, to what they are telling you?” It’s something I’ve found myself wondering, too. Along with a new question that seems to come with this work of not-hiding: “How many others?”

    Thank you for this, Alison.


  3. Tessa and Karen, thanks for these thoughts. What I keep thinking about was the love, acceptance and tenderness in that room. I guess I’ve always thought of AA as sort of grim. Nose to the grindstone. But it was so loving.


  4. someone i care about dearly is an alcoholic… and the amount of pain he is in is real. he gets very depressed from it all – even when he’s on the wagon as he is now. It is such a hard state that I can’t really comprehend it, but after my experiences with cancer/infertility, maybe I can.

    Anyway, I agree with you. I wish we all had meetings like that. It would make a lot of people in this world feel a hell of a lot less alone.


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