Living in a Rock and Roll Fantasy

7 thoughts on “Living in a Rock and Roll Fantasy”

  1. Funny, and such a vivid description, too. Vivid externals and internals. I lived in England for a year and didn’t stand out physically, but even so, just being Foreign was sometimes so tiring. Then I would keep my mouth shut and mumble with a faux accent. That, and my London-bought Oxfam clothes bought me some anonymity. I can’t imagine always being on the way you describe.


  2. I wish that picture were me, Pepper, but alas, it is Debbie Harry. And yes, I kind of sang with the band, but Sally REALLY sang with the band. Such as it was – I’m not sure it could actually be called a band, to be honest.

    Hope, a person can feel Foreign half an hour from the house on which she holds a mortgage. Or half a block. Don’t you agree?


  3. You know, Allison? Now you’ve got tons of fans in Taiwan.

    When will you come here again? We shall bring you to the most traditional and the best dumpling restaurants at Taipei.

    Besides, perhaps to a decent hotel with a better, but with the same depth, bathtub.


  4. Stardi, I’d love to come back to Taiwan. I haven’t been there in many, many years and I can’t even imagine how much it’s changed (not to mention how much I’ve changed). Dumplings are still my favorite food and, in fact, I had some tonight for dinner. Thanks for this message – you made me smile. Xiexie!


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