– and hid his face among a crowd of stars

3 thoughts on “– and hid his face among a crowd of stars”

  1. I can appreciate this column, after just getting out of the car from a three hour drive, headed home to that Upstate New York that you write about, from the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire. They are majestic, as you say.
    But I grew up in the Midwest, the opposite of you. Grew up in the ‘flats’, now live in the ‘hills’.
    It took my husband coming to meet me in MO, from his childhood home of NH, to help me see the beauty of the plains. The wide open rolling farmland that I saw as so boring and un-glamorous, he saw as amazing. I began to see my home state with new eyes, as a nineteen year old college sophomore.
    We now live in those beautiful rolling hills and mountains, but when we travel back west, I finally appreciate the beauty there too, and have stopped comparing the two. Each has it’s own beauty, and it’s own treasure.
    Beautiful observations. Loved this column. 🙂



  2. Me too. I will never forget the Flint Hills in Kansas, and then the endless plains.

    Not sure I could live there. It’s too flat west of Holland Patent, but that is flatness with no Width.


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