Everyone Wants to Be Found

10 thoughts on “Everyone Wants to Be Found”

  1. Resplendent writing, Alison. I always gain some sustenance reading your posts, but this one was even more toothsome than usual. Thank you.


  2. Sam and Ginger, thank you, truly. It might take many lifetimes to understand what all those remembered moments, like that moment at the party, are really about.


  3. That film and especially that book are treasures to me. The film resonates everytime we travel. The book I found at the library and like you I wanted it not to end. It sang to me. I returned the book to the library and then went out and bought it. It had to come home with me and live on the bookcase.

    I am going to have that Russian writer’s look in my head today and your friend in red and grey…



  4. I read this several times and couldn’t comment because it was too true to think about for very long. For that is the cadence in which my heat beats in its greatest despair: I have never been found and never will be.

    It reminds me of one of my favorite lines ever, by Raymond Carver, which I just may have put on my headstone since I’m not too inclined toward getting a tattoo:

    And did you get what
    you wanted from this life, even so?
    I did.
    And what did you want?
    To call myself beloved, to feel myself
    beloved on the earth.


  5. Oh, I loved both the book and the movie. But you know what’s my favorite right now? This essay. Such lovely, poignant, and true images. It made me think of my own experiences of being known. So rare and such a treat. Thanks, Alison!


  6. Fills me with longing, what a sharp recall you have, and awareness of blessing.

    I love that movie, must watch it again soon, I’ve still not read the book.

    I was walking along the Thames embankment a few years ago in the sun, going to meet a friend I’d not seen for a long time. A slightly crazy but kind-looking man wandered past, he looked at me and held his hands spread out, not to touch but as though he could warm them in a glow that was coming off me, and we both smiled. Otherwise those moments have been very rare for me, I think.


  7. really like this post, and the references to songs/poems i love on your whole blog. a.a.milne, for example..

    anyway, i love this. i can completely relate to that hope to be found by someone else, recognized, pointed out to be special. yep.


  8. Hi Alison —

    I am leaving you a restaurant recommendation since it looks like you will be in Apple Valley at the library this fall — just down from there is an awesome Mexican restaurant — El Azteca — in a strip mall on the south side of county Rd 42. Great food, fast service, excellent atmosphere, and good deal — if you like that kind of food 🙂



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