In answer to a question posed by Padgett Powell in his book of many questions

7 thoughts on “In answer to a question posed by Padgett Powell in his book of many questions”

  1. I didn’t know this word and just looked it up. Good heavens! Everyone’s voice has a certain color, to me, as does music and every word. Is this not typical? Don’t all sounds come with colors attached?


  2. ah, that is fantastic. i see colors with words too, but i’ve lost so much of it as i’ve gotten older. i could taste words when i was younger. i had an entire notebook of words that tasted like bubble gum.


  3. Do your children’s voices have the same color as the moment you laid eyes on them, or does the color change over time? How about the voice of one once loved but no longer? Do you see your grandmother speaking in colors in your memory? A synesthete indeed you are (I looked it up too).


  4. Well! While I agree on some of those days, you are way off on Thursday. Now, how about Numbers? Or the comment I made to my mother, at a very early age, (could just see over the windowsill), about the color of the sound of the sunset? Hah!


  5. alicia, an entire notebook of bubble gum-tasting words? how i love this. what kind of bubble gum? bazooka joe, perhaps?

    oreo, the color changes over time. my grandmother – i’m closing my eyes and hearing her voice now – it is the same as when she was alive.

    pepper: you’ve got me beat.


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