All creatures great and small

2 thoughts on “All creatures great and small”

  1. Blessed are those who endure in peace indeed. I’ve always meant to take a small child and large dog to that event and I always forget. Now with such a descriptive firsthand account, I feel as if I actually made it.

    How DO they hang those chandeliers? I have spent many a church service pondering those and other questions of utmost importance, such as how do they change the lightbulbs, and were they installed before there was electricity, and if so did wax drip on people’s heads? And how do they clean the stained glass windows so high, because though there be ladders of such height, one surely would not lean them against antique glass. Oh, and all that immortal soul stuff too.


  2. The Blessing of the Animals is indeed a great service, and I’ve always wanted to get to the Basilica to experience it. The one I attended was held on the grounds of an old mill turned history museum. Schoolchildren visit there on field trips, fiddlers compete, and small shows are produced upstairs. The small town of 40 or so keep it running, closing it for the year after it welcomes the Blessing of the Animals, hosted by the humane society and the small church up the hill.

    Several owners and their pets came. A few others brought fostered pets from the local humane society. There we were, all of us strays–claimed and unclaimed–with the beings that give us hope. Whether you sit in a pew or stand on a lawn, it’s a mighty impressive cathedral out there. And what a privilege it is to scratch a blessing behind the ears and have her make that funky low growling noise.

    Thanks for the great writing (as usual), Alison, and thanks for something to think about this Thanksgiving Eve.


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