The Cartwheel Galaxy

6 thoughts on “The Cartwheel Galaxy”

  1. oh, i used to love to cartwheel. even into adulthood. and tomboys don’t wear skirts, so none of that to get in the way. i should cartwheel again. show baby that mommy’s still got her moves. although i’m not sure i do, so maybe i should practice in private first.


  2. A happy memory. I remember that summer too, and the seabreezes, and seagulls eating from the tables in that restaurant with G and G.


  3. I thought you didn’t like turning upside-down?! I still imagine myself doing handstands on grass, but don’t quite dare…

    What happened to those long-gone clothes that we miss like that, and can still recall the feel of? Some wore out, some no longer fitted, but many just seem to have disappeared without seeing the going of them…

    Another glowing jewel of a post.


  4. Lucy, I’ve got a lifelong fear of headstands, and as for handstands, no. No no no. No thank you. Somehow cartwheels always felt more stable to me. That constant turning wheel of motion, as opposed to the stillness of the headstand and handstand.

    As for long-ago clothes, if only I’d kept them all. I could be wearing most of them right now, especially the hiphuggers and the peasant blouses.


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