Now that the old man is gone, she thinks about him much of the time.

7 thoughts on “Now that the old man is gone, she thinks about him much of the time.”

  1. I just started reading Shadow Baby. I bought the new edition, and it looks like the story. Sometimes a person’s eyes don’t show their story. The cover is like the book’s eyes, and I think that the eyes give away just enough of the story to see an odd character who is missing something in their life. The book is Clara herself. And you may not have considered it, but I think Clara is a part of you. Thank you for the inspirational novel!


  2. Hello there… just wanted to say I love your books and your writing style… you’re an amazing author! As a fellow mom/blogger/writer, I had to stop by to say hi and to say great work! I will be writing about Someday on my blog today.


  3. Charletta, you’re an insightful girl. . . there is definitely some Clara winter in me, and probably a lot more than I want to admit.

    Loukia, thanks so much for this note, and for writing about Someday the way that you did. Your blog is great, and I love the photos of you and your beautiful boys.


  4. Alison,
    I just want to tell you that I am about to teach your book, Shadow Baby, for the third time, to yet another small group of eager high school students. It’s so beautifully written and I love it every time I read and teach from it. You have a gifted imagination and are a true wordsmith.



  5. Trish, thank you for this note – how great that you’re teaching Shadow Baby to the high schoolers. And how great that you’re not sick of it (yet). I used to teach high school, although I taught Chinese, not English or literature. Teenagers are dear to me; they’re at a magical stage of life. Please give them my best!


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