Poem of the Week, by Marjorie Saiser

4 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Marjorie Saiser”

  1. Dear Alison,

    Beautiful feel good stories of handoffs of precious heirlooms.

    You have a way of telling the most simple moments of life such as an unexpected gift from your dad that later becomes a precious item you carry everywhere so you can recall the initial handoff but more importantly the love you have for your dad.

    You bring it along your travel not really to calculate things but as a reminder of that moment when your dad was paying the bills, raising a family , and saying to you , in a way, “you go on and have your own family and carry on the tradition”. I have a feeling that the calculator will one day be handed over like the watch in the beautiful poem you shared with us.

    Just know that your weekly post is your contribution to humanity in that for a brief moment, you take us somewhere that removes us from the true madness of the world we live in. It is your “disruption” of their madness that helps us keep going. Human are capable of the most horrendous deeds but also have the capacity to create the most beautiful work of art in all of its representation.

    Love you dearly mon amie

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    1. Mario, you are one of the kindest people I have ever known. You give me hope for the world and I’m so glad to be your friend. XOXO


  2. Beloved beautiful Alison McGhee

    My heart and soul are divinely grateful to you.

    *You have made my Sunday July 17th 2022 extraordinarily beautiful.

    I read the divine Ms Marjorie Saiser’s poem and felt it poignant.

    Then I clicked onto the site where I got to see her and listen to her
    read her poem. She experienced that same poignancy again.*

    *I am filled with divine feelings, rainbows of them.

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    In love, with love, for love
    Shamla of Shamballa

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