Poem of the Week, by Lauren K. Alleyne

Garvin, I hear your Queens accent, your quick, quiet hoarseness, your nervous chuckle. Christine, I hear those tiny golden bells chiming in your words and laughter. Zdrazil, I hear your deep tenor, your booming laugh, your fierce and solemn words in that last conversation.

My people, I call you back.

One after another I conjure you: your voices, your love, your bright eyes. You once smiled, and sparkled, and shone your light upon me. I still hear your laughter. I still love you.

How could I have known I would need to remember your laughter, by Lauren K. Alleyne

the way it ricocheted—a boomerang flung 
from your throat, stilling the breathless air.

How you were luminous in it. Your smile. Your hair 
tossed back, flaming. Everyone around you aglow.

How I wanted to live in it those times it ignited us 
into giggles, doubling us over aching and unmoored

for precious minutes from our twin scars—
the thorned secrets our tongues learned too well

to carry. It is impossible to imagine you gone, 
dear one, your laugh lost to some silence I can’t breach,

 from which you will not return.

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Words by Winter: my podcast


  1. laurelfitzgeraldkennedyjr · July 9

    Le sigh, as he would have said. God, I miss that kid! His booming laugh AND the trademarked silent/wheezing version. Love to you in your missing, Alison.

    Liked by 1 person

    • alisonmcghee · July 9

      Right back to you, dear Laurel. He was one of a kind. XO

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lady Shamla Rose · July 10

    Beloved Alison McGhee

    *Thank you so much for this beautiful sharing.

    *Lauren K. Alleyne  is a force of nature, indeed.

    I feel so much love and gratitude that through you I have met yet
    another beautiful mind.

    How lucky we are to have such a wonderful life.*

    *In love, with love, for love
    Shamla of Shamballa



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