The seen and unseen worlds

4 thoughts on “The seen and unseen worlds”

  1. This post just rocks – a layered painting where we can see the One in all the fragments of experience. Thank you!

    ( Have you read “Proof of Heaven” by neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander? Especially good as an audiobook and interesting perspective from a scientist …)

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  2. Connection–yes. I find myself wanting to connect the seen and unseen worlds, wanting (and struggling) to stay connected to the ones I love, wanting to connect the person I once was to the person I might someday be. This is beautiful and layered and mysterious and relatable–thank you Alison.


  3. Lucy, such kind words. Thank you.

    Denise, I’ve never read “Proof of Heaven” and it sounds very cool. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Karen, in the depths of your pneumonia there, thank you. More and more, this is what I’m thinking about.


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