Thing One

3 thoughts on “Thing One”

  1. Hi Alison, That recording of our history is such an interesting thing, hey?. Why do we do it? It’s captured in our hearts after all. But still – and I have the same thing – things that are important – for me it’s my photo albums. I love them. If my house burns down I would run and try and save them. Those impressions of my life and my family’s life feel like an anonymous legacy. Something that must be passed on – but I think it’s mainly for me. An oddly selfish motive.


  2. Tessa, I wish I did have photo albums. All I have are a few random cardboard boxes of unsorted photos. Sometimes friends take pity on me and send me jpegs of photos featuring my family members, because they know how dumb I am with a camera. A pox upon me!


  3. I love this! I love that you have all these amazing sounding journals. What a fabulous gift for yourself to reflect on and enjoy, as well as wonderful gift for your children for years to come.

    I keep notebooks for Ross. I think I am on my 7th now. I have fallen off on writing lately but you’ve inspired me to get back on it 🙂


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