Teaching, part one: And when the world falls to decline –

6 thoughts on “Teaching, part one: And when the world falls to decline –”

  1. “Despite being descended from a line of teachers, teaching was not something you had ever considered.” Me too. I swore, in fact, that I would never teach. It was a shock to discover I loved it. And I, too, have found over and over that teaching lifts me out of myself and I’ve been so thankful.

    I’m looking forward to reading Part 2.


  2. Thank you for this beautiful post. i was feeling a bit blue today for no real reason when i read it and it totally reminded me how this too shall pass. I love this photo of you as well!


  3. Being away from family and friends has been a challenge … though a self-imposed one. I find my most desperate moments of needing familiarity are best soothed by a good dance and song. I think they are likely my most precious and cherished moments. A celebration of the fight to feel completely connected to who I am and what I seek. And, to know I can trust in myself to make it through even the most challenging moments life inevitably offers. Thanks for this post. It hit home at the right moment .. early morning with a coffee and my dogs before heading out.


  4. Mary, yes, I too love to dance away whatever’s weighing on my mind. Play the music loud and dance around my dining table. “To feel completely connected to who I am,” yup, sometimes music is what gets us there fastest.


  5. Nicole, you reminded me of one of my favorite sayings, passed down to me from my mother: “This too shall pass.” Sometimes I just have to keep saying it to myself.

    (It makes me so happy to think of you moving to Bend. I was just thinking about that this morning, as a matter of fact.)


  6. Karen, I imagine you are an amazing teacher. In fact, I *know* you’re an amazing teacher. It’s funny, and sweet, to think that I knew you when you were a student. (My next teaching post will be about South High.)


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