Things of this world

13 thoughts on “Things of this world”

  1. Oh, Alison,
    I am so sorry. How can I be when we have not met and never will and I didn’t know Charlie?
    But you see I can, because your words conjur him up, they show your love for him and his for you and your father’s love for his friend.

    You have honoured him.


  2. I have just this AM learned of Charlie and Georgie’s passing. Bonnie is my second cousin. I spent many Summers with them. I love what you have wrote. I remember that and more. “Let me ask my Bride” was Charlie’s answer to everything. The milking, calves, putting up corn, picking strawberries and making jam, etc., etc., etc. The weekly prayer meetings at their home, ending with the ice cream you describe, vanilla topped with real maple syrup in the little green plastic bowls. I love my parents, my dad now deceased, but during the Summer…these WERE my parents. I love them with all that I am and am devistated and left empty with their loss. I pray for their family and friends to get thru their loss with the help of our Lord, just as I pray He will help me thru mine.


  3. What a wonderful tribute to such a fine man and his his wife..I left Steuben many years ago,but do manage to return from time to time. Will forever remember this couple for the many things they did and contributed to the community. The little town will be forever changed..The old Grange Hall is now long gone..know what the Old Home Days pork dinners don’t seem the same..Or the communiyty play about the Baron..The new building is fine..but it’s not the same… now Charlie and Georgeanna are gone…just not right right —Way to soon..We can hope — from up above they will guide those still here in a positive direction.


  4. I’m so, so sorry. This is a beautiful tribute, and I still remember reading your portrait of him, and thinking what a dear man and dear friend he must be. My heart goes out to you.


  5. Dear Kimberly and Ellen,

    How wonderful to hear from fellow Steubeners. You know whereof I speak – and Kimberly, you reminded me of the little green plastic bowls. Ellen, the Grange Hall, the pork dinners.

    Kimberly, the post that Karen referred to is, I think, not about Charlie but an unnamed one about my father – it’s under one of my Portrait of a Friend posts earlier. (There are some similarities so it would be easy to confuse the two.) This is the first time I’ve written about Charlie.


  6. What a beautiful piece, Alison. My heart goes out to all the people of Steuben who are truly feeling this loss. Thank you for such a meaningful and heartfelt piece. Love-jt


  7. So sorry for your loss Alison. He sounds like he was a very large and important part of your life and a great man. Losing people suddenly is very difficult. Hugs to you and your family.


  8. Thank you, Joe and Nicole. The funeral service is on Saturday and I can’t be there. So I’m going to spend the day doing Charlie things. It will be Charlie Day.


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