Portrait of a Friend, Volume IV

6 thoughts on “Portrait of a Friend, Volume IV”

  1. Thank you for this. I love your portraits, and how you write about relationships, in general. And about doing things differently if you could live your life over–yes. I’ve always wondered how it seemed so easy for some people to say they wouldn’t change a thing. There’s so much I would like to say or do, or un-say or un-do. This is beautiful.


  2. this was so beautiful. i nearly started crying as I was reading it. It made me want to run and give my dad a hug. I love these portraits of your family and friends. They beautifully display the truth of relationships.


  3. Thanks, lovely people. I’ve been ruminating on this one for a long time. (An entire book could be written about this particular friend.) The photos at the top and bottom are two of my favorites – one from so long ago and one a few months ago.


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