Some Writers Don't Keep Journals–

11 thoughts on “Some Writers Don't Keep Journals–”

  1. Joe, the writer refers you to the May 26 entry, above. Very sadly, she did get to sit by you know who, but you know who was not nearly as enchanted by her as she was enchanted by him, so he requested and was granted a change of seating. INSERT SAD FACE HERE.


  2. This brings back my so many of my own memories of 5th (& 6th) grade. And lucky seating arrangements. And how I loved the idea of keeping a diary, but was able to keep one myself for about five days, tops.

    Did the spelling prize work out better than sitting with ______?


  3. There are very few juicy details in these scintillating entries, my friends. The diary itself is a fat little five-year blue thing. Five lines per day, five days per page, five years total. I managed to keep it for part of the first year before quitting, never to diary again except for a few maudlin entries my freshman year in college. Just as well.


  4. I love the last one – It’s all blue! – it made me think of your blog several months (or longer) ago about how each day of the week was a different color. Related or no?


  5. ali catt, isn’t that the weirdest thing? Yes, Wednesday is all blue to me, bright blue. The two posts –the one about being a synesthete (a word I learned from commenters on the previous post)– were completely unrelated, so seeing that entry in my fifth-grade diary was kind of stunning.


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