Turn around, turn around

9 thoughts on “Turn around, turn around”

  1. Tears. In my eyes. This is so moving, to those of us moms who are making the last lunches. In three weeks I’ll see my second child gradate from high school. I cling to the two I have left at home. I’ll be a weeping mess when it’s time to make the last lunch, for my last child.
    Beautiful post.



  2. indeed, i believe it would be most courteous of you to post a weepy warning so that such posts can be read in private, at least for those of us who don’t wish to explain why we’re crying in front of the computer.


  3. Awww. I’m teary after that post. I like making lunch, too. I, too, used to put notes in the lunchbox but haven’t for awhile. Sigh.


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