Musical note, part one

2 thoughts on “Musical note, part one”

  1. It’s funny–when I read a book (like one of yours, for instance) and think about how the story, the words, the ideas reach right into my heart, I want to be able to do that so badly. I often feel like the things I want to say musically get lost in performance because of nerves or imperfect technique. It is good, though, to think that maybe my own neighbors weren’t too annoyed with me for the many times I, myself, practiced with the windows open. Thank you for the perspective!


  2. Karen, I guarantee you that it would be pure pleasure to your neighbors. Last night it was 103 in Minneapolis, and the power was out in the neighborhood. I lay on my bed in the steam and listened to a child somewhere on the next block practicing “Greensleeves” on her flute. Halting, full of errors, and still beautiful.


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