Little houses made of ticky-tacky

9 thoughts on “Little houses made of ticky-tacky”

  1. Nope. No cookies. Just doesn’t seem right to put cookies in a clear container. Plus, we have a ceramic chicken cookie jar, and that is pretty much perfect.


  2. I seem to remember an aristocratic old lady in a Nancy Mitford novel who was ‘always a great one for one’.

    Lacrosse was the big girls’ sport at my school, very unusual in Europe these days. From what I remember of those who took it up enthusiastically, anyone who could handle herself on the lacrosse field would be more than a match for any predatory man in a bathrobe…


  3. Alas, one cannot offer any solutions to your image and cursor problems, one wishes that one had the brain to do so!

    A, you have had me thinking about strange men in bathrobes and playing with building blocks on the table, all at 6.03 in the morning. I laughed so hard the hound thought it time to get up and sit on my feet! Then you made me sigh, because estate sales will come to us all and I thought about how many muffins the deceased woman had made in those tins for her loved ones over the years.

    ps. I understand the need to buy the blocks. I hope you will post a picture of the tiny houses that will live on your table.


  4. Why thanks, y’all! (I’m not the least bit Southern but I’ve always loved that phrase.)

    Lucy, you’re right – these teenage lacrosse players take no sh–. I wouldn’t want to meet one of them carrying her stick in a dark alley.

    HHB: I love the fact that you were laughing at 6 a.m. Now I’m picturing the hound gazing up at you quizzically.

    Nicole: thank you. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve been admiring the photos of you and your new dog. . . she’s a beauty. She looks so calm and sweet.


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