Shall I Jump Now?

At twenty-five I dreamed a dream that has haunted me ever since: My mother faces me on the sloping deck of a gunmetal gray ocean liner. Perhaps it is an aircraft carrier; it has that same forbidding, ominous look. A narrow rail runs along the edge of the deck. No deck chairs, nothing to hold … Continue reading Shall I Jump Now?

I owe you

There are people in the world whom you owe. People you think about, and wish you’d thanked, or more than thanked, at the time, but out of shock, or because you weren’t thinking straight, you didn’t. All this long time later, how can you make it up them? You can’t, not to them personally. You … Continue reading I owe you

What I've Been Reading

I’ve been on a reading binge the last three weeks. Below are the books I’ve read, along with a one-sentence –yep, one sentence, sue me– review. 1. Borrowed Finery, by Paula Fox. Much of the power of this unaccountably moving memoir of a young girl rejected by her parents and moved from place to place … Continue reading What I've Been Reading

Have You Been There Too?

Driving hundreds of miles in the dark, heading north, two-lane road, high beams lighting the night, shiny eyes of deer waiting in the ditch. A fox. A feral cat. The only station drifting in and out is an oldies station, “the songs of your life.” Is this the first time you’ve known every single song … Continue reading Have You Been There Too?