What I've Been Reading

3 thoughts on “What I've Been Reading”

  1. Impressive (both the list and the one-sentence reviews!) I’m maybe more inclined to read Amy Chua’s book now.

    I’m curious about the picture of the Cherry Ames book, though. I loved reading those books as a girl, but I don’t run into her very often these days.


  2. If you get to it, Karen, let me know what you thought. At this point in my life I never quite trust a big public furor until I’ve experienced the thing for myself.

    As for Cherry Ames, I keep that photo to remind me of my greatest library shame (among many, many library shames): 30+ years of an overdue Cherry, shoved on a high shelf in the way back of a closet. This is why it’s cheaper for me to buy my books than to borrow them.


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