How she got so good at typing

3 thoughts on “How she got so good at typing”

  1. Imaginary typing–it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one who does it. I secretly wondered for a long time if I suffered from some sort of OCD (once I knew what that was.) Then again, I love how language can fill my head and hands the same way music can.


  2. This is the third thing I’ve read today, and it’s not even noon yet, about the correct number of spaces after periods. Is there some sort of holiday I’m not aware of?

    p.s. Victory of the tiny rebel army has been achieved.


  3. i too was asked the other day if i am the fastest typer in the world (although i surely am not). the asker was one of the myriad lazy middle schoolers in this modern age to whom the idea of competence in any area (personal hygiene, typing, playing of an instrument) is baffling, seeing as how they do not wish to take that pill of practice. unless it involves video games, their success at which is more vital than homework, dinner, or outdoor pursuits. i of course pointed out that she, too, could flick her fingers across the keyboard just as nimbly, should she care to learn, but she shrugged her shoulders and said, nah, she’s happy to hunt and peck.

    what blasphemy to ears such as mine! what zen to master the keyboard, to have a place for each key and each key in its place, and lay your finger upon it without having to look, knowing its function will remain unchanged. what comfort to close your eyes and imagine the same. what pure pleasure to let your mind loose, knowing your fingers can keep up. how blessed are those who have the use of typing machines.

    the only thing holding me back from world domination (besides the prowess of master mcghee) is that i never did get through the symbol lessons. which mayhap is a blessing in disguise, because it forces me not to couch my words. damn you to hell! i have to write, because F$#@ you would just take too long.


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