from an unfamiliar photo sent by a friend

3 thoughts on “from an unfamiliar photo sent by a friend”

  1. Whoa. It was just this evening that I rediscovered the fact that I cannot, and never could, jump rope. And now I have been given the assignment to learn, which is curiously pleasing.


  2. I miss the pictures! Wahhh. And I remember the power jumping, and in my own childhood the double dutch, which I never did, although I was an excellent in and out jumper (Two people hold the rope, one or a line jump in and then out – maybe two jumps while in.) The typing – exactly why I learned to type, and prefer e mail to handwritten notes. It keeps up with my thoughts, which are way slower than yours, thank God.


  3. I’m not at all sure your thoughts are way slower than mine, Gabrielle; in fact, they might even be faster.

    Mr. Steinecke, how is the jumproping coming along?

    And this just in from Maryland: Judy, who is indeed out there, DID used to jump rope for an hour at a time. Or rather, a minimum of 45 minutes at a time, which in my world is close enough to an hour to be considered as such. Good heavens! Such a hellishly long time to jump rope!


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