Bless the feet

feet-on-bedBless the feet, for they are the weary warriors of the body, blistered, bandaged, and unsung.

Bless the toes, the arches, the heels, for they are the neglected servant hands of the legs and spine.

Bless the tendons and sinew and blood and bone of the carpals and metacarpals, for they are the rivers and tributaries of the peninsulas of the body.

Bless the abacus toes, for they are what we count on when we do not know we are counting.

Bless the long strong feet, tree roots pulling sustenance from the earth.

Bless these feet, steel springs of the body, pale and hidden soles of our souls.


  1. Lucy · December 11, 2010

    I do bless them, though mine are not long, fallen arches and all!


  2. hhb · December 18, 2010

    Yes indeed. Every single day.


  3. hsgs&wcw · January 7, 2011

    To go forward sprainedly and hobbledipped aloud walk home.


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