Hello, Miss Wang. Greetings, Mr. Li.

6 thoughts on “Hello, Miss Wang. Greetings, Mr. Li.”

  1. Karen, the lecture began at 4 p.m., and I pulled up and parked at 3:59. Not kidding. As for Mr. Li and Miss Wang, I am assuming that all went well on their dinner date, but in order to verify that I’m going to have to find a clean library card and head back to the books on cd. (I actually might have to buy the Mr. Li and Miss Wang cds. . . they’re unaccountably soothing to listen to.)


  2. I hope your (mis)adventure didn’t negatively impact your impressions of Sioux Falls ~ it’s my home town and will figure prominently in my memoir some day!


  3. you know, i freakin’ hate books on tape. which really surprises people who know that i love books and i love reading aloud and that my favorite childhood memories are endless hours of my father reading to me. but what about road trips, people try to reason. you can’t otherwise employ your eyes while driving, so you might as well make the best of it and enjoy a book on tape. nope. enjoyment they do not bring me. i’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard. although it’s sort of cheating to say that since that sound does not in fact bother me. apparently my auditory preferences are not in line with the majority of the populace.

    i know this would be rather inconvenient, hence the booming book on tape market, but i would love to bring an actual person with me to read out loud. someone who shares the same taste, and we could take turns reading and being read to. tried it with my husband, but he rushes too much. even does it with picture books, which drives me crazy. maybe i can train my son up to pass away the miles reading to me properly. that wouldn’t be very fair, though, since it’ll be a long time till he can take his turn driving while i read to him.

    maybe i’d just better stick to music…


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