Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red)

8 thoughts on “Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red)”

  1. I’m a perennial planter too. Don’t you love the fact that your plants hung in there, no matter the amount of digging. They were just waiting to bring some gorgeous blue to your day!


  2. I do love that! There’s something about planting perennials from seed, too – they take years to settle in, and then when they do, it’s like magic.


  3. i have always wondered what, exactly, were larkspur and delphiniums, having no idea they were one and the same, and without my even having to search for it, the answer entered my life. would all such wonderment come to such an easy end. i recall being a very young child, holed up in my room reading a stack of nancy drews, in one of which larkspur were prominently mentioned. the name implied spikey and perky and sprightly and bright, all of which they seem to be, from what i can tell of a crappy cell phone photo. any decorative plant that towers over its planter probably merits at the very least a place in a mystery book setting.


  4. I always loved that poem. My mum read all the AA Milne poems to me, but she read that with a kind of half-smile and knowingness, like it carried something important that I might not understand yet but one day I would.

    Even though the doctor, who thinks he knows best, forces changes to the dormouse’s world, the dormouse can still close his eyes and imagine his blue and red flower bed back again, can feel it at the back of his head, and no one can take that away from you.

    I saw a quite luminous ultra-violet delphinium in one of my favourite flowery places the other day. Sadly the slugs love them in these damper parts of the world!


  5. Ha! We have some of these, too, and while they’re not quite as tall as yours [yet!] the only thing I look forward to seeing bloom more is a tree peony. In case you hadn’t noticed, if you cut them back, delphiniums will keep blooming throughout the summer!


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