Lucky Charms

Someone who knows you well gave you a charm bracelet for Christmas. Charm bracelets are hard to find. They stay in families; they’re passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. They disappear quickly from eBay and estate sales. You never see them at garage sales. You see your grandmother’s old charm bracelet around your … Continue reading Lucky Charms

(anywhere i go you go)

Heart. Say it out loud: Heart. Heart. Heart. A word, said often enough, crosses over into beyond-word-land, when no meaning attaches, or meaning attaches that doesn’t belong to the original word. Heart. Hart. Hurt. Your young daughter, she of the black river-hair, comes home from school having dissected a sheep’s heart. She split it open … Continue reading (anywhere i go you go)

Let Us Borrow Light

“We have cried for so long. Let us borrow light from the star that will appear for us tomorrow.” – Marie Luise Kaschnitz Blessings on those who in this moment are crying, and blessings on those who are laughing. Blessings on the old woman in the market who could not reach the high shelf. Blessings … Continue reading Let Us Borrow Light


Hello, San Francisco mug, third choice mug for the one small cup of perfect coffee drunk each morning at dawn.¬† (Why does “drunk” look wrong? Drank. Drinked. Draughted. Sipped. Savored. They all look wrong too.) The mugs cram, to the extent that they have to be double-deckered, the shelf allotted to them. No teacups pour … Continue reading Mugging

My Life as a Dog

Yes, they are up there, large cat, on the wooden shelf that you will soon make your awkward jump onto. Cast your feline eyes upon¬† me, if you will, clumsy cat with the swaying belly, for I will gaze upon you in return with my dark and unblinking dog eyes until you feel the shame … Continue reading My Life as a Dog