A big fat list of upcoming readings and workshops

5 thoughts on “A big fat list of upcoming readings and workshops”

  1. Alison – I know the library readings are 1-2 months away, but do you think those reading are going to be for Bink and Gollie, or perhaps for any of your adult novels?

    Which isn’t intended as a knock against the YA or children’s books. All Rivers Flow to the Sea is one of the most beautifully painful things I’ve read.


  2. Hi Joe! The main focus of the library talks will be novels. I’m sure there’ll be questions about children’s books, including B&G, but my plan is to read a little from Shadow Baby or All Rivers and then have Q&A.

    And thank you for the kind words about All Rivers Flow to the Sea. That one is near and dear to my heart. For what it’s worth, I wrote it as an adult novel, but sold it as a young adult. And I wrote Shadow Baby and Falling Boy as adult novels, but they were published overseas as young adult novels. Which all goes to show that I really don’t know the difference between adult and young adult. (Maybe someone else can enlighten me.)


  3. After going to a few conventions with science fiction / fantasy folks who are writers, editors, and otherwise publishing professionals, I can give you a partial answer.

    The only “real” difference is that they are marketing categories. Put the YA tag on something and it goes in a section in the bookstore that will draw consumers who are looking for stuff “sort of like X”. And when you feature a child as the protagonist, you may get the YA label.

    Think of the The Time Traveler’s Wife from a few years back. Very few publications were actively describing it as a science fiction (or fantasy, if we’re being honest) novel. It was Literature (or Pop Fiction). Why? Because the publisher thought it would sell more copies and hit the book clubs when it is published as Literature. It’s a book that features a guy who involuntarily travels back and forth through time. It’s so very much in the SFF genre, but for marketing purposes…Literature. The editors had some other examples of older books from before YA became a category (I want to say The Last Unicorn and maybe the first Earthsea book from LeGuin), but that’s kind of why. Sometimes the imprint a book is published under will also direct booksellers to classify a book as one thing or another.

    And thanks for the library info. I was hoping you’d say it was for the adult stuff. 🙂


  4. What a schedule! I’m exhausted from thinking about it!

    My husband has family in Sioux Falls, so we’ve been there many times. There is a little (tiny) counter place that makes enchiladas called Mama’s Lada’s. If you like enchiladas, it’s the best.


  5. Diana, thanks so much for the recommendation! I’m heading that way on Friday and will check it out. Tiny counter places are my favorites, and how could anyone resist a name like Mama’s Lada’s?


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