Poem of the Week, by Ishikawa Takuboku

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A couple of weeks ago my daughter demonstrated a theragun to me. A theragun is a personal massager that’s kind of like a jackhammer, in a good way, and my daughter ran it up and down my shoulders and back a little fearfully.

I just don’t want to hurt those tiny bones of yours, she said at one point.

Which made me laugh, because I think of myself as tough and strong. Which I am. But then I read this poem and remembered the theragun, and for a second imagined a distant future, one I hope never happens.

Carrying mother on my back, by Ishikawa Takuboku

Carrying mother on my back
Just for a joke.
Three steps: then weeping—
She’s so light.

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  1. Larry · 29 Days Ago

    such concise power


  2. Kathryn Wilking · 29 Days Ago

    My mother is the strongest person I know. She will be 101 on May 22nd. She is wasting away and weighs about less than her age.This is a beautiful poem.Thanks theBad Ass

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