Poem of the Week, by J. Estanislao Lopez

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One evening last week I did a series of interviews with various media in Japan for my book Someday, which is about a mother’s dreams for her child. It was late night for me, morning in Japan, and each interviewer asked specifically about two pages in the book, one in which the child is alone, entering a deep wood, and another in which the child, having just received painful news, is folded up with sorrow.

Why did you include those pages? each interviewer asked.

Through the years, my best friend and I have talked about wishing we could bear our children’s pain for them. How much easier it would be, easier on us, and how wrong. To be fully alive means facing the unknown, experiencing everything, come what may. I remember not wanting to write those two pages and also knowing I had to.

Living in the Moment, by J. Estanislao Lopez

I like to live
         in the moment. No,
not that one —

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One comment

  1. John Kantar · April 22


    I hope you are doing well. I loved your entry today and the accompanying Lopez poem. Right to my heart.




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