Poem of the Week, by Aracelis Girmay

8 thoughts on “Poem of the Week, by Aracelis Girmay”

  1. Dear Allison, I love your blog. However, PLEASE credit the artists whose images you use! In this case, the magnificent illustrator Shaun Tan, from his book ” The Singing Bones” (or it there is a credit, I didn’t find it). If you have not seen that book, it is superb!

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    1. Anna, this is such an important point – thank you. I’m so weirded out because for years I’ve thought this image is from a show I saw at Blum & Poe in LA of Korean artists. But when I do an image search, you are absolutely right – it’s from Shaun’s book. I’m so sorry about this! And thank you.


  2. Love this poem & your reason for choosing.

    The few times a little child has accidental leaned up against my pant leg in grocery line I know it is a good day! And the look on their face when they look up….such innocence.

    Thank you

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