Poem of the Week, by Andrea Cohen

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My dog is perfect at being himself. He twirls madly at the sight of his food bowl, springs straight up when he sees a favorite human, sprawls belly-first when he wants affection. If he wants to play he places his paws on my keyboard and bats at my typing fingers. If I accidentally step on his paw he yips. He hides nothing but the miniature Greenies he buries in the couch cushions.

My dog doesn’t put on a smooth facade when something or someone is hurting him. He doesn’t pretend he’s not hungry or exhausted or sad or in need of love and comfort.

It wouldn’t occur to him to override his own feelings. I wish I were more like my dog but I’m not, which is probably why I so love this little tiny poem.

Refusal to Mourn, by Andrea Cohen

In lieu of
flowers, send
him back.

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  1. Gabrielle McGhee · September 4, 2021



  2. Jinx · September 4, 2021

    Earlier this week I was at my friend’s house when another flower delivery arrived.

    “Please no more flowers I only want my boy back”

    Thanks for a few powerful words.



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